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9 Farmhouse Classroom Decor Signs

$9.99 USD


  • Durable and High-Quality: The Farmhouse classroom posters are printed on thick 250 gsm cardstock, ensuring their durability and long-lasting use. This heavy-weight paper stock prevents easy tearing or creasing, making the posters ideal for classroom environments.
  • Silky Matt Finish: The posters have a silky matt finish, which adds an elegant and sophisticated touch to the classroom decor. This finish reduces glare, making the posters easy to read from various angles without distracting reflections.
  • Farmhouse Design: The posters feature a charming farmhouse design, incorporating rustic elements that create a warm and inviting atmosphere in the classroom. The design is visually appealing and suitable for students of all ages.
  • Easy to Install: The posters come in flat packing without any bend , making them effortless to install on walls, bulletin boards, or any other suitable surface. This saves time and effort for teachers, allowing them to quickly transform their classrooms into engaging learning environments.
  • Give Kids A Head Start In Life; Use these read signs for classroom reading corner as today a reader tomorrow a leader wall decor, elegant reading is an adventure that never ends poster/reading is an adventure bulletin board decor, or as read posters for classroom