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Sea Animal Stickers

$9.99 USD

The Sea Animal Design sticker pack is perfect for motivating children at school, as well as for event and festival decoration or gift packaging. With 16 different designs featuring sea creatures like starfish, octopus, and dolphins, there are 500 stickers in this pack that will keep children engaged and excited. These stickers measure 1.5 inches in diameter and are made from glossy paper with permanent adhesive, making them safe and easy to use. They are full of bright colors and cartoon patterns, making them adorable and eye-catching. With their self-adhesive backing, these stickers can be easily applied to any surface without leaving any residue. These ocean life stickers can be used as classroom prizes, to praise a student's good effort, or to decorate gift boxes and greeting cards. Share these stickers with your family and friends to add more fun and adorable elements to your daily life.