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Christmas Tablecloth, Genome Theme

$24.99 USD


  • High-Quality Fabric : Our Christmas tablecloths are meticulously woven from 100% high-quality polyester fabric, renowned for its exceptional durability and water-resistant properties. It's the perfect choice for both protecting and decorating your tables, setting the stage for unforgettable dining occasions brimming with romance. Each package includes a single piece of this exquisite tablecloth.
  • Versatile Festive Design: Measuring a generous 84 x 60 inches, our tablecloth showcases a pristine white base adorned with a delightful array of different Christmas motifs. This eye-catching design brings vibrancy and beauty to your dining setting, setting the stage for an enchanting experience.
  • Ideal for Every Occasion: This Christmas Genome-inspired table cover offers boundless versatility. It seamlessly fits into a variety of settings, whether you're hosting a sumptuous buffet dinner, setting a formal dining table, creating an intimate tea time, throwing a lively party, celebrating a birthday, orchestrating a festive holiday gathering, or arranging a charming cafe or elegant wedding.
  • Effortless Maintenance: Our Christmas tablecloth not only elevates your dining decor but also simplifies your life. Any stubborn creases are easily smoothed out with a quick ironing. When it's time for a clean, simply toss it into the washing machine (avoid bleach), and you can either opt for a gentle tumble dry on low or hang it up to dry naturally.
  • Holiday Home Decor: Set your home apart with unique pattern prints on our kitchen tablecloth. Elevate your holiday decor and create the perfect ambiance for all your home party gatherings. Make every moment during the holiday season truly special with this stunning tablecloth.