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Parking Violation Stickers

$12.99 USD

Make sure that drivers are aware of their parking violations with these strong and durable parking violation stickers. Made from 4.5 mil thick colored paper, they are much stronger than the flimsy paper available in the market. The stickers come with a permanent acrylic adhesive that offers great adhesion, and require a scraper to properly remove the sticker after they are stuck onto the glass. They are easy to use, as they are writable with a pencil, pen or permanent marker, and have a tab that makes it easy to remove the paper liner. The liner is printed so that it can be used to record license number and date. These fluorescent stickers are hard to miss, attracting attention 75-percent quicker than traditional white stickers. Each pack contains 50 fluorescent pink and black stickers that are 5 x 8 inches in size.