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Sold as a Set Do Not Separate Labels Stickers

$9.99 USD


  • High Quality: "This Is a Set Do Not Separate" Label is a must when selling bundled or multi-pack items. Ship confidentially by tagging bright yellow stickers to notify fulfillment centers not to separate items. Premium quality ink will not smear or bleed ensuring your product meets shipment requirements.
  • Ease of Use: Simply bend back the backing side and lift back the sticker to apply it to your products. Light pressure will ensure proper adhesion to the surface. Bright yellow label provides a warning to the fulfillment centers to not separate your items from the packaging as they open up your package.
  • Versatile: Adhesive glue on labels is strong enough to stick to various surfaces such as poly bags, bubble cushioning wrap, corrugated cartons, boxes, glass, paper, polymailer, and shrink wraps. Fluorescent red color label tags are eye catching and easily noticeable. No need to tape it over with packaging tape. Each roll comes ready to use and easy to use.
  • Economical: Label is 1 inch by 3 inch. The label will not fade or smear or bleed and meets shipping requirements for bundled or multi-pack items. Each pack has 600 self adhesive labels .Sold in bulk to offer the best value to customers.
  • Professional: Stand out from your competition by using these labels when preparing your shipments. Bright and clear fonts on the label provide clear directions for fulfillment centers and reduce the risk of having your products separated and not sold as a set.